Unlock your door to Heaven by performing Umrah in Ramadan.

Make your Ramadan this year truly blessed with Al-Safa Tours! Indulge yourself into the spirituality of this holy month like never before by offering the Taraweeh prayer in the Haram and experiencing Iftar on the famous Sufrahs of Masjid Al Nabawi. For the Holy month of Ramadan Al-Safa Tours offers a different yet extraordinary and affordable packages for you to pick from.

Umrah in the Holy month of Ramadhan, the time most favoured for this journey. With comfortable accommodation at an adequate distance from the holy sites and all other necessary requirements catered to, this package allows you to devote most of your time in the Haram in the worship and remembrance of Allah. Along with performing the Taraweeh prayer in the Holy Mosques, also experience the famous Iftar of Masjid Al Nabawi.

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