Be amidst the splendor of the most sacred site visited by millions each year

Umrah is a journey to the House of Allah which can be undertaken at any time of the year. The original meaning for Umrah is "to visit a populated place".

Haj and Umrah are both deeply spiritual journeys, the purposes and outcomes of each are however quite different. Whereas Haj is obligatory on a Muslim having the ability to perform it, Umrah is very much a voluntary journey made out of a love and devotion for Allah (SWT) and a yearning to visit the sacred places in Makkah.

Al-Safa Tours offers you a variety of Umrah packages to choose from as per your requirements and comfort. During Umrah we endeavour to provide the ideal setting for spiritual development.

Trips can be tailor-made to suit personal preferences for better relaxation.

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